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What is cycle tourism? How to organize (or be organized) a cycling holiday? Which European countries have a valid network of cycling routes?

Do you want to know which trips the FIAB organizes this year? Here the bicycles of FIAB Onlus

More and more people come to cycle tourism with "holiday", tourist or naturalistic intent; thus escaping the stereotyped idea of ​​sporting enterprise or extreme adventure. "Quiet" cycling, whether it be short Sunday excursions or long holidays, is increasingly a mass phenomenon in Europe, with protagonists of all ages: young people, families with children, the elderly, etc.

To help those who travel by bicycle, or who would like to try to do it for the first time, FIAB and its member associations do their utmost to provide information and services.

As for Italy, one of the few European countries not yet equipped with an official cycling network, there is the FIAB proposal called Bicitalia . A proposal that is no longer just "theoretical" as the FIAB volunteers are tracing and entering many of the routes on the site. All designed so that they take place as much as possible on secondary roads with low traffic density or, where they exist, on cycle paths. You can find news on Bicitalia and many of its tracked and commented routes (with the possibility of downloading the gpx track) on the site

Another important service of the FIAB is Albergabici which indicates the suitable structures for those traveling by bicycle.

To remember the various national cycling events such as the Bicistaffetta and the National Cycloraduno . Since 2012 the FIAB, by delegating its technical-economic organization to specialized Tour Operators, also promotes summer Fiab bike-trips .
Then there are the numerous initiatives carried out by the local associations belonging to Fiab to make everyone know and appreciate the use of bicycles even in their free time: thousands of proposals (social activities, Sunday excursions, cycling weekends, bike holidays) that you find in

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